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Freed's Iced Tea is not only certified Low FODMAP through Monash University so you know it will be gently on your tummy, but it also contains a prebiotic which helps support digestive health. Low in sugar its the perfect refreshing drink.

Our recommendation would be to speak to your local GP or a dietitian to discuss your symptoms.

Our Iced Tea ranges is tested by Monash University at the Department of Gastroenterology at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Victoria to determine they meet the strict Low FODMAP requirments.

We believe in creating drinks without the use of sweeteners.

The World Health Organization recommends reducing the overall sweetness in our diets from an early age for better health.

The negative impact of sugar on people's health has led to the search for sweeteners as replacements, but it's important to note that simply replacing sugar in junk foods with sweeteners doesn't make them healthy.

A recent study conducted in the US found that Erythritol, a sweetener found in most drinks in the 'better for you' category like Kombucha, soft drinks and juices can be linked to stroke, heart disease, and even death. Whilst this is alarming further studies are required to truly understand the impact of sweeteners on the human body.

Our discussion with the Monash University FODMAP team, suggested that we don't use these sweeteners due to the negative impact on the gut microbiome.

By not using sweeteners in our drinks, we aim to provide a healthier option that aligns with these findings and promotes overall well-being.

The Tea Soda range has not been tested for low FODMAP with Monash University due to it being slightly carbonated which may irritate some people's gut who suffer from IBS or other gut related illnesses. Testing a product to see whether it has an impact on you is sometimes the best option.

A product's being labelled 'organic' does not mean it has been through the same rigorous assessment as a certified organic equivalent. ⁠ Currently, in Australia, there is no regulation for the term 'organic'. Due to our nation's lack of domestic law, you might find products with as little as 2% organic ingredients with an organic claim on their labelling.

Australian Certified Organic products have been tested and approved by the ACO certification body, guaranteeing organic integrity.

They are free from human-made fertilisers, chemicals, pesticides, growth regulators, and GMOs, meaning they're all natural and don't use preservatives.

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